Privacy Portal

Find how popular you are on the internet
Your Digital Footprint is any information about you that is found online
Everyone Leaves a Digital Trace

Privacy meter

Deleteme's Privacy Meter: A streamlined tool for efficient data protection impact assessments. Get accurate, quantitative insights into privacy risks with our advanced auditing solution.

Digital Footprint

Discover your digital presence with our Internet Footprint Report. Uncover and manage the data you leave online every time you use digital services. Protect your privacy by understanding your internet trail.

Social Profile Verification and Dating Verification

Just input a social media profile URL (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or AngelList) and receive extensive background information. Don't miss our Enhanced Social Profile Report for in-depth analysis.

Data Breach

Find out if your email or password is compromised and how exposed you are on the dark web. Our comprehensive scan detects personal and financial information breaches, helping you safeguard your identity.


On, we can see it all Everyone Leaves a Digital Trace. is a service site that facilitates its users in deleting their presence on other sites. It’s also a site that provides information on privacy laws in multiple countries to better educate users on their rights in relation to data privacy. World-class lawyers built on world-class data and different sources of Information and third parties data sources to create something new which will be used and trusted and inform business and Individual decisions.

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